Kay Hwang – Group Executive Chef

Born in Sangju City, South Korea, Kay started his career as an apprentice at his uncle’s hotel at the age of sixteen while studying at University. Upon completing his degree in business management in 2003, he travelled to Australia to pursue his dream in culinary. The journey was tough as language was the most significant barrier, yet, his determination did the talking instead. He gained valuable experiences during his time working at several hatted restaurants and one of the largest hospitality company. Before joining Tangible Group, he also worked for Four Season Hotel and Walsh Bay Kitchen. Kay brought a wealth of experience to his role as Group Executive Chef at Tangible Group, and we are all excited by his passion and creativity.

Haemi – Head Chef

Haemi came from a traditional South Korea family where cooking is a favourable quality in women. She is also called “Noona”, which is a name given to a respectable female who looks after her family’s overall well-being. Cooking is one way to display sensitivity, gentleness and warmth, and skill that pass on from one generation to the next. Haemi’s mother has been her inspiration, and she has learnt from her since a very young age. She used to cook along with her mother for wedding ceremonies and birthday parties, where every dish must taste perfect as they all go down someone’s memory lane. With over 20 years of experience, her motivation to cook remained unchanged – to make people happy.

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